🎉About SmartFi

SmartFi is a collection of Web3 puzzle games with built-in games and social elements.

SmartFi aims to kill your "Pocket time" in a worthy way. As a series of games that can be played for money by solving brain puzzles, SmartFi offers the leading puzzle and logic games in the Web3 market. Such as Sudoku, Brain Test, Nonogram, Blockudoku, Pixel Art, Differences Find and others.

SmartFi combines traditional puzzle games with NFT. When you equip yourself with an NFT number that represents a "brain," you can earn game currency by solving brain puzzles that can either be used in the game or cashed in for profit.

SmartFi has added motivational videos to the game. We believe that human attention has value, so we added motivational videos where you can get tips by watching them. Any clicks or views are converted into extra tokens that are given back to the person watching the video.

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